​Viva Panama Organization, Inc. is a corporation established in 1991 and incorporated in 2012, completely dedicated to preserve, present, and promote the different manifestations of the culture of Panama, through its music, dance, traditions, literature, paintings, arts & crafts, cuisine, etc. The property of this corporation is irrevocably dedicated to educational purposes. Because of this, many of VPO events and projects are planned to fulfill this purpose.

All these years, VPO has be present in different cultural programs at different level in the educational field of California (See chart below).  We have participated in the educational and cultural exposure of students of:

Mayfield Senior School.

Mayfield Senior School offers you the gift of a Catholic education founded upon the spiritual traditions of the Holy Child philosophy in an all-girls setting. At Mayfield you will discover a community that inspires you to express your potential, reach your personal goals, and enrich your intellectual and spiritual life.  Mayfield Senior School’s Conservatory for the Arts is a unique, rigorous Fine Arts program that allows each student to develop her skills and passion for the arts. The Conservatory is part of the school curriculum — all programs are UC accredited — and students receive a formal grade and credit.

Celerity Educational Group in South Los Angeles area.

The Celerity Educational Group is a non-profit organization that serves Los Angeles-area schools,                                                                           children and families. Our mission is to provide quality education in under-served communities by                                                                           creating alternative schools that focus on the potential of every child. Their first school opened in                                                                             September 2005 in the Jefferson Park Community. Celerity Dyad Charter School and Celerity Troika                                                                       Charter School were opened in September 2007 to better serve our mission of creating quality and                                                                         equality in education across greater Los Angeles. The Celerity schools have joined with community                                                                         leaders to issue a change for the youth in the communities we serve.

Patrick Henry Elementary School

Patrick Henry is a California Distinguished School serving a diverse population of approximately 800 students. Nestled in the Heartwell Park area of east Long Beach, this family orientated school community works together to ensure all children succeed. A dedicated team of professionals provides children a balanced literacy program, critical thinking skills, character value development and the importance of multi-cultural perspectives. Henry is home to three unique academic programs: Two-Way Spanish Immersion, STARS, and Special Education. Several enrichment programs also work to support and motivate all students for academic success in our diverse society.

St Jude The Apostle Elementary, Newbury Park, CA

Sharing the Culture of Panama with the World!