We had Vielka McFarlane's recognition, followed by the crowning of Srta. Panama California 2013, Javiritzel Courtney by Priscilla Walker, Srta. Panama California 2012; and closing the event with a traditional dance performance by Ballet Folklorico Viva Panama.

Viva Panama Organization is proud and grateful of its sponsors for this event: Green, Sly & Gilmore Families, Restaurante & Discoteca Melchi, Griffith Insurance, COPA Airlines, Tops Day Care, and Clubben.

After the presentation of the judges, we have the first recognition given to Maritza Collins, followed by Diablitos Sucios, a contemporary performance by Ballet Folklorico Viva Panama, a classical ballet version and the traditional version, and the presentation of Priscilla Walker, Srta. Panama California 2012.

Later, we had the Swimsuit session, followed by guest artist, Clave & Tumbao Dance company, directed by Javier Campines, a Panamanian dance professional residing in Los Angeles area. We had Dr. Leon Smith-Harrison's recognition followed by the Evening Gown presentation, where the participants displayed elegance, pose and culture when they answer a question from the judges.

In commemoration of the 500 years of the First Sighting of the Pacific Ocean by Vasco Nunez de Balboa, Viva Panama Organization celebrated its Gala XXII, on Saturday, Oct. 12th, 2013, at 7 pm at the Lynwood High School Auditorium, located at 4050 E. Imperial Highway, Lynwood, CA 90262, with a Blue Carpet Event.

After the protocolar session, Ballet Folklorico Viva Panama opened the show with our Pre-Columbian production, where Balboa is conquered under the beauty of Princess Anayansi, daughter of Cacique Careta.  Then the entrance n Spaniard costume of the conquerors of our heart, the Participants to Srta. Panama California 2013: Juliessa Daisley from Los Angeles, Javiritzel Courtney from Montclair and Kira Sly from Lancaster.

We are grateful to Giselle Samson, Panamanian fashion designer and model, who was responsible for the pasarell tarining and choeogry iof the participants.

The participants were scored by the Judges who were also the honorees of this year, distinguished Panamanian for their outstanding professional and community contribution to USA community. Among the honorees, we have Maritza Collins, a versatile international marketing professional, Vielka McFarlane, an icon in the education field in Los Angeles, and Dr. Leon Smith-Harrison, an outstanding professional in the Medicine field.

Javiritzel Courtney was our Srta. Panama California 2013.

Srta. Panama California 2013