Florida -  28,741
Virginia - 7,180
New York - 28,200
North Carolina - 5,708
California - 17,768
New Jersey - 5,431
Texas - 13,994
Maryland - 5,341
Georgia - 8,678
Pennsylvania - 3,234

Panamanians in USA.

Panamanians have a registered presence in USA soil of more than 190 years, due to the close ties with USA, because of the Panama Canal construction, Interoceanic Railroad, and the Gold Fever.

Since 1820, more than one million immigrants from Central and South America migrated to the United States.  Until 1960, the U.S. Census Bureau did not produce statistics that separated the Panamanian immigrants, the South Americans and Central Americans. The Panamanian Americans increased slowly in the United States.  Since the 1830s, only 44 arrivals were recorded in this country, by the early twentieth century more than 1,000 came annually.

After World War II the flow of immigrants from Panama remained small even though there were no immigration restrictions on the people from the Western Hemisphere. However, the Panamanian immigration increased dramatically after the 1965 Immigration Act, which imposed a ceiling of 120,000 admissions from the hemisphere. Its increase immigration was such that by 1970, Panamanians were able to be one of the largest of the Central American groups in the United States.

Most Panamanians that came were nonwhites and most were women. It could register that the number of immigrant males per 100 females was very low in the 1960s, falling to 51 for Panama. Many the female immigrants worked of in service, domestic, or low-paid, white-collar workers who immigrated to earn money to, in return, send home. Since 1962 the percentage of employed newcomers who are domestic servants has remained high, ranging from 15 to 28 percent. The entry of homemakers and children after 1968 was eased by the immigration preference system favoring family reunions. They had already approximated 86,000 people of Panamanian ancestry living in the United States.[1]

The 1940 Census 1940 registered 7,000 Central Americans:

The 1970 Census registered 174,000 Central Americans, been the Panamanians one of the largest. 

The 1990 Census registered 88,649 Panamanians in USA. 

The 2000 Census registered 119,497 Panamanians in USA.

The 2010 Census registered 165,456 Panamanians in USA.

Panamanians are the sixth smallest among the Hispanics and the second smallest among Central Americans.  This is the demographic distribution  according to 2010 Census in the different states of the nation:


The  2010 Census registered in the Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana area, a populations of 6,353 Panamanians. 

The Panamanian community in Long Beach and Los Angeles is well represented by Viva Panama Organization.

That rumor is now a reality, the possibility for Panamanian citizens residing in the exterior.  The Law 11 from 1983, first Electoral Code whcih has been reformed in each election process since 1990. 

Now Panamanian residing in USA can vote via internet registering their place of residence at the Tribunal Electoral website (www.tribunal-electoral.gob.pa) and then registering to vote at www.rere.pa (Registro de Electores Residentes en el Exterior).  Panamanians also can vote sending their vote via regular mail; or can return to Panama to vote at their designed place.

In Jan. 2013, there were 4,236 registered, three fold the aount in 2009.   The country that has registered more Panamanians is USA, followed by Costa Rica and Venezuela.  The deadline to register was April 23, 2013 to vote on May 4, 2014.