On behalf of the Panamanian Community residing in the southern California area and the Viva Panama Organization, Inc., we are very pleased and excited to share with you our plans for the future Opening of the Panamanian American Cultural Arts Center (PACAC).  

We are in search for a future physical facility to rent located in downtown Long Beach, in this way, we will be revitalizing the area and be part of the transformation of this area, from its industrial past to a vibrant new mixed-use center of business, technology,  the arts, and residential living.

VPO will celebrate the Centennial of the Opening of the Panama Canal in 2014, when the Cultural Center is scheduled to open.  The Center will host an exhibition featuring a pictorial collection of the History of the Panama Canal Construction. The Art Center will not only host annual exhibitions, but also will offer dynamic exhibitions, programming, and outreach activities.

The City of Long Beach and Viva Panama Organization are excited to continue our long-standing commitment to the arts through the development of the PACAC.  Through this Cultural Center, we hope to enhance the already strong partnerships that the City has with its arts, business, school, and residential communities, so that even more cultural enrichment can be brought to Long Beach as well as the region beyond. Programs at the PACAC and outreach activities in the community will be interactive, dynamic, and connecting to the culture of Long Beach, Los Angeles and other artistic innovation throughout the southern California Area with the Culture of the Republic of Panama.  With the city and county’s accomplishments in business, new media, biotechnology, life sciences, and the arts, PACAC plays an important role in drawing connections between these disciplines and shining a spotlight on these unique cities.

Exhibitions will feature the work of local and Panamanian artists and explore the relationship between art and both countries.  Performances of dance, music, spoken word, and poetry will give voice to topics explored in PACAC exhibitions and will take place in a small and intimate setting that enhances the relationship between audience and performers.  Lectures and demonstrations will uncover the creative process and the ways in which the arts connect to the daily lives in both countries.  Offerings may range from a class led by an artist-in-residence to a lecture about animation, from workshops on dance to workshops on native drums, etc.   

The Cultural Center will present visual and performing arts programming that will create an experience of the highest quality. Programs will be traditional, contemporary, cross-disciplinary, accessible, reflective of VPO’s dedication to innovation, and supportive of the artistic community in Los Angeles, Long Beach area and the surrounding region.

Stay tuned to later news and support your Cultural Center by becoming a member, participating in its events and donating generously.

Previously, VPO has been able to curate exhibits in Museum, Universities, cultural centers, schools, etc. (see pictures below).

Cultural Center


525 E. Seaside Way suite 1801 Long Beach CA 90802 US